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Reggie D said:   January 31, 2011 2:44 pm PST
These work outs have definitely helped me out a lot. I have learned how to tdo things the proper way, eat healthier, and have control of my diet. My body feels better and better each day after work outs! Issac and Precious have definitely helped me, and I'll continue to spread the news about MyHoustonBootCamp and keep coming back! Thanks Guys

Nash Baker said:   December 14, 2010 7:06 pm PST
Bootcamp! Not me â?? you've got to be kidding! But after two months of training with Isaac and Precious, I'm ready for more! What a great experience to come to the park, meet some truly beautiful people and expand your mind and soul while shrinking your waistline. Make the time to connect with yourself. By the way, don't call it "Bootcamp." It's really more like recess. Get fit and have fun. Works for me.

L.A. said:   October 4, 2010 1:40 pm PST
I joined My Houston Boot Camp with Isaac in early August of this year, thanks to Elizabeth. I was apprehensive about utilizing a personal trainer because I though I could do it on my own. However, I worked out @ least three days a week @ a fitness center, but was not attaining desired results. Try as I may, the weight was shifting but not disappearing. This is my 2nd boot~camp session with Isaac because the first one pushed me to and beyond the limits that I achieved during my Navy days; I actually lost almost 10 pounds! My goal is to shake the excess weight that I have carried around since arriving in Houston 10 years ago and with the nutritional regimen that Isaac has designed for me, I have managed to lose more than a third of my intended goal thus far. The â??boot~campersâ? are a great team and I appreciate our campaigner Precious for the encouragement and motivation that you provide when you witness any of us having a tough time getting through any particular cycle. Big Ups to you Precious! Provided he will continue with My Boot~Camp, I will most likely follow through with Isaacâ??s training even after I have achieved my desired results because working out as a team seems more beneficial for me. I feel more energized and less exhausted. I even see my figure from 20 years ago peeking through again! Now THATâ??S motivating enough to keep me moving steadily forward! I say it every chance I get because I truly appreciate you, and I will reiterate ~ THANKS ISAAC! Without you, I donâ??t think this would have been possible! Peace!

Elizabeth said:   September 28, 2010 2:06 pm PST
I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the 2010 myhoustonbootcamp. Although some days were more challenging than others, I stuck to the program and saw great results! Isaac and his wife, Precious wonderful motivators, and they showed me that I could do way more than I thought I could. They proved to me that I had more potential than I thought as well. I would definetly recommend this program to anyone, no matter their shape, size, or fitness level. If it werenâ??t for myhoustonbootcamp, I would probably still be wondering how and when I was going to start and implement a workout plan in my life. No more excuses or regrets for me! Though I am still participating in the bootcamp, I know at this point, I have come further than I ever would have on my own, or even with another program. I am beyond satisfied!

Sherie said:   September 27, 2010 5:41 am PST
This is actually my second class. I have trully enjoyed it. I must admit it is challenging. Isaacs works the $x?* out of us but it is all good. My energy level has increased along with my endurance. I am meeting my goal. I would recommend it to anyone that is serious about their health.

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