"Health is a Lifestyle" 

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My HOUSTON Bootcamp: Commit to Love, Happiness and a HEALTHIER you.

 Are you ready for your wedding?
        Perfect Venue   Perfect Hair   Perfect Dress   
                         Your Perfect Weight

If your list looks like the one above then join Bridal Boot Camp to help get you ready for your Perfect Wedding! 

             Bride & Maid of Honor
           $99 / 12 Sessions


Wedding vastly approaching and you don't have time to get in shape? 
IT'S OKAY! We have a Quick Weight Loss Program that is safe and Doctor Recommended.

Bridal Bootcamp Options


Click Here to find out more information about the Quick Weight loss Program.


      My Bridal Party Bootcamp


Want to relieve your wedding planning stress while bonding with your closest friends? Or have an outing with your Bridal Party before the BIG day?
                               Then book a 
My Bridal Party Bootcamp session!

What's included?
My Bridal Party Bootcamp options includes a private Wedding
Theme Workout session with the entire bridal party, Yoga & Light workout session, and an Light & Healthy Breakfast or Snack. 
Ideal for Who & What?
*Relaxaion method of getting ready for   Wedding Day
*Bridal Shower Activity
*Bride & Bridal Party Outing

Book a private My Bridal Party Bootcamp session between January 1st-March 1st and receive 20% off of any package of your choice!

Types of Packages?
 Package includes: ($125)
*1 hour light workout with Yoga 
*We will come to a location near you

GOLD Package includes:($$$)
*Personalized Wedding Theme    Workout
*Veil and T-Shirt for Bride
*We will come to a location near you

PLATINUM Package includes:($$$)
*1 hour of your choice
 (Yoga or Wedding Theme workout)
*Veil and T-Shirt for Bride
*We will come to a location near you
*Light & Healthy Breakfast or Snack

NOTE: GOLD & PLATINIUM Package Prices may vary due to the number of Bridal Party members.

**For Pricing and Inquiries, Please fill out the My Bridal Bootcamp Form**

Bridal Party Bootcamp Form

Please fill out and submit this form.  Every bridal party is different and we would like to contact you so that it can be a unique experience for the entire group.

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