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My HOUSTON Bootcamp's goal is to give individuals the tools needed to live a long, HEALTHY life.

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We strive to help people of all fitness levels reach their full potential.  My Houston Bootcamp will meet you right at your need and assist you in accomplishing all fitness and wellness goals.  We guarantee results as our clients goals become the goals of My HoustonBootcamp 

Most people that come home after a “armed forces bootcamp” usually
lose weight, gain respect for authority and are more physically fit than ever before.  This is exactly why so many fitness professionals took the name bootcamp to title their group fitness courses.  Some fitness bootcamps mimic the structure and function of the armed forces bootcamps, but a fitness bootcamp in general can have many different aspects and can work for people at any fitness level.

Fitness Bootcamp is just another word for “Group Fitness Class”.  You will have a group of people, usually 5 or more, that are participating in random strength, agility, cross-training, and cardiovascular exercises.  Before anyone is scared away from “bootcamps” they should go to a local park around 6am or 6pm and observe a bootcamp for themselves.  Just like the Armed forces bootcamp, fitness bootcamps have the ability to change peoples lives.  Lose weight, alleviate stress, lose inches, gain flexibility, sleep better, increase self-esteem, and increase daily energy level by enrolling in a bootcamp today.  Another great thing about a bootcamp is that most are run by trained fitness professionals.  It’s like hiring a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.

 Most bootcamps cost from $10-$20 dollars per session, but at My Houston Bootcamp our prices are even lower than that. (Click here to see our insane prices).  Most personal trainers charge about $60 dollars for a 1 hour session.  Personal training is a great service, but most Americans just can’t afford 3 sessions of personal training each week.  With a Fitness bootcamp, each workout can be tailored to fit the needs of every client so that each client gets an amazing workout.  Bootcamps provide structure and direction so that each client can follow steps that lead towards success.

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