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Living an optimally healthy life includes proper nutritionexercise and daily activity.  Society is set up to hold people in an unhealthy state by making unhealthy living convenient and healthy living inconvenient.  It is our goal at My Houston Bootcamp to flip societies approach and help make healthy choices convenient and unhealthy choices inconvenient in everyday living.  By creating a healthy surrounding clients will experience higher energy levels, weight loss, loss in inches around mid-section, better balance and stability, reduction in chronic pain, less stress, higher self-esteem, increased productivity at work and home, and lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes and many other diet and weight related diseases. 

We strive to help people of all fitness levels reach their full potential.  My Houston Bootcamp will meet you right at your need and assist you in accomplishing all fitness and wellness goals.  Bootcamp is not the only service we offer.  We offer Personal Training, Online Training, Corporate WellnessFitness Presentations and Workshops and a Quick Weight Loss Program. We guarantee results and help clients stay motivated by frequently monitoring body measurements and regularly change workout routines during the journey to optimal health.   Body measurements can be complex or simple depending on the clients needs and wants.  We measure body fat percentage, body measurement in inches, body mass index (BMI), body weight, lower body strength and endurance testing, ¼ mile endurance test, upper body strength and endurance testing, and core strength and endurance testing, and flexibility.  By tracking body measurements it allows our clients to see their success for motivation and its ability to bring understanding to the complexity of the human body. 


Bootcamp will help create a proper fitness level by engulfing the body in many different forms of exercise.  My Houston Bootcamp combines strength training, athletic drills, plyometrics, stability and core training, balance, endurance training, adaptive training, aerobic interval training and anaerobic explosion training to give the client a variety of exercises to blast through plateaus and demolish weight loss and overall fitness goals. 

Having the proper fitness level is important because it helps prevent injury, boosts energy level, alleviates stress, and assists weight management.  Bootcamp is a great way to develop a great fitness level while interacting with like minded and motivated people.    


Those that have more than 20 pounds to lose may want to find out more about our quick weight loss program.  On this program you can lose up to 2-5 pounds per week!  If you have been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes or you notice that your weight could become a health issue, then it is time to reach a healthy weight fast in a safe manner.  Our program is the #1 program in the nation for Type 2 Diabetes and works great for people that are overweight or have high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol and ?.  The program helps educate people on how to live healthy lives and develop healthy habits that will transcend through the rest of their lives.    


Bad nutritional habits will defeat any fitness program.  My Houston Bootcamp assists clients to develop a healthy nutritional plan through education, motivation, accountability, nutritional supplements, and journaling.  The My Houston Bootcamp Journal is the journal of choice for our members.  The journal takes clients through 3 months on intense journaling to allow proper understanding of how nutrition and exercise affects the body.  The journal is also a great way for clients to hold themselves accountable for nutritional choices.  Since every body is different our approach to helping clients create healthy lifestyles varies for each individual.  Health never sleeps and everyone is bombarded with choices everyday that can lead towards optimal health or the slow destruction of the human body.  Right now is the opportunity to make a choice that will lead towards optimal health and wellness (click here to view the services we offer that will help you achieve your goals).  Choose health and create a lifestyle that is attractive, uplifting, productive and motivating. 

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