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5 of the Best Weight Loss Tips                               



In this article you will get 5 of the best weight loss tips available.  Follow these tips and you will see amazing results.  One of the best tips not included in the “best five” is to increase knowledge and understanding of proper exercise and nutrition.  By increasing your understanding and knowledge of nutrition you give yourself the edge on nutritional decisions that you make each and everyday.  By reading this article and articles like this, you will improve your understanding of what it takes to live a long healthy life.  Whenever there is an opportunity to learn about health and wellness, take it.




Tip #1- Eat a healthy breakfast everyday within the first hour of the day (first 30 min if possible). 



Explanation- Every night as we sleep our body goes into a state of hibernation.  This means that our heart rate and breathing rate slow down to preserve energy because you can’t eat and sleep at the same time.  This means that our metabolism slows or the amount of calories our body burns decreases at night.  When you wake in the morning the body is still in this hibernation state and metabolism is extremely slow.  By eating breakfast you jump-start your metabolism and get it back on track burning calories at a faster rate.  The later you wait to eat breakfast the fewer calories your body will burn during the day.  The key is to eat breakfast first thing in the morning to maximize your metabolism.


Tip #2- Eat more lean meat



Explanation- Lean meat is meat that is more than 60% protein.  With proteins, or what the general public call meat, you get two main nutrients, protein and fat.  For example, if a meat is 60% protein then it is also 40% fat.  The lean meats that are usually more than 60% protein are shrimp, seafood, fish, game meat, turkey breast, chicken breast and some lean cuts of beef.  Lean meat is a complex compound for the digestive system to break down.  Because of its complexity it takes quit a bit of energy for our body to digest.  Most leans meat will take about the same amount of energy in calories for out body to break down as it is in calories consumed.  For example, if you eat 100 calories of a lean fish filet your body will use about 90-100 calories to break down that food.  This means that you net 0-10 calories by eating that fish.  Eating lean meat with each major meal during the day will help to keep the body at balance of calories consumed to calories burned.


Tip #3- Make water your #1 beverage



Explanation- Water is the cheapest, most healthy and beneficial thirst quencher on the planet.  Water is the essential element of life.  Our bodies use water for almost every process in the human body and the human body is at least 60 percent water.  Water has zero calories so if you drink it cold your water becomes a negative calorie beverage.  Cold water is a negative calorie beverage because our body can’t absorb the cold water and has to heat it first.  To heat the water energy is burned and therefore, the zero calorie water becomes everyone’s best friend.  Water is also the best snack on the planet.  At times our body will send hunger signals when in fact it is dehydrated and needs water.  So if you are feeling hungry drink some water and wait about 10-20 min, your hunger might just disappear.


Tip #4- Eat NAURAL not MAN MADE



Explanation- History will tell you that when it comes to humans, we always get it wrong.  Stick to nature and you will develop a healthy habit that will keep you fit for a lifetime.  Natural eating is eating foods that occur naturally on Earth.  Fresh fruits, vegetables, lean cuts of meat, nuts, seeds, berries, and whole grain.  As you start cutting out the processed and refined foods from your diet you will almost immediately feel the difference in the way you feel, your complexion (skin) improves, your energy level increases, and you lose weight fast (you can maximize your weight loss with correct portion sizes and meal frequency).  If you want to start preparing healthy natural meals take a look at the Healthy Meal Preparation Guide.  Eating natural will become the best choice you ever made.


Tip #5- Exercise!



Explanation- This is not rocket science.  Move more and increase you daily activity level and you will reap great benefits.  Exercise is the key to burning more calories each day then you consume and is great for increasing weight loss and overall health.  Exercise today is what life was many years ago, our bodies have evolved through the types of activities and work that was done by our ancestors, therefore, in the past 150 years people have developed sedentary (inactive) lifestyles faster then the body can adapt to it.  This is what’s causing the many health related diseases that plague our nation today.  Exercise must be an essential part of everyone’s life.  Exercise is simpler then people think and if you need to be refreshed click and read this article on exercise and learn simple practical ways to increase the exercise in your life.   

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