"Health is a Lifestyle" 

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My Houston Bootcamp Journal                               



"Health is a Lifestyle"
Author: Mr. Isaac T Daniels


Book Overview:
Reasearch indicates that holding yourself accountable with a nutritional journal can drastically increase your potential weight loss and overall success. This journal provides nutritional guidelines, instructions for proper body measurements to guage fitness level, health and wellness tips, and journaling pages that are easy and compatible with any fitness program. If used correctly this journal is priceless and can uncover true understanding of how your body responds to nutrition and exercise.

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About the Author:
Isaac Daniels began personal training at the age of 17 as a fitness enthusiast in Portland, Oregon. Since
then, Isaac has obtained his personal training certification as well as an extensive background in athletic training, speed and agility, nutrition, weight loss, group fitness, and core stability training here in Houston. With his wealth of knowledge in fitness, healthcare is truly one of his passions and preventative care is one of his specialties. With a background of over 10 years in the fitness industry, Isaac wanted to expand his one-on-one fitness programs to Boot Camps to help more people meet and surpass all of their fitness goals and coach them to a healthy balanced lifestyle. This journal was created specifically for the members of his bootcamp. Although this journal is made specific for bootcamp members, it can be used with any health and wellness program.

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