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Bootcamp Success Week 1                               

There is a variety of reasons why people decide to join a fitness bootcamp.  Most of the time people are looking to lose weight, relieve stress, build strength, look younger, tone muscles and just overall health and well being.  The great thing about My Houston Bootcamp is that we provide all these results and more.  In order to see the greatest results possible it is essential that members follow a specific game plan that leads to success.  The Game plan starts with establishing an understanding of the My Houston Bootcamp Nutritional Plan, developing reasonable fitness goals and creating the proper off day cardiovascular workout schedule.


When it comes to results nutrition is the key.  At My Houston Bootcamp members receive our Nutritional Plan and nutritional guidance to develop healthy nutritional habits that will lead to success.  In the first few days it is imperative to learn and understand the nutritional plan and begin making subtle changes daily.  By the third day of bootcamp each member should have a healthy nutritional plan set in place for the remainder of the week.  Feeding the body correctly will give our members the energy they need to push through each workout and see the results that they set out to accomplish.


Three things that must be established in Week 1 of Bootcamp:


#1- Solid nutritional plan

#2- Develop a Cardio Workout Schedule

#3- 2-4 Nutritional Staples (Simple Healthy everyday Meals and snacks)


Building a solid nutritional plan is outlined in the My Houston Bootcamp Nutritional Plan.  It starts by building understanding of correct portion sizes, meal frequency and the fruits, vegetables, whole grain, low fat dairy, and lean meats that should take up 85% of your diet.  At My Houston Bootcamp we teach how to eat foods in the most natural state possible.  By cutting back on processed and refined foods full of empty calories and unhealthy additives, you create a solid nutritional foundation that can last a lifetime.


Developing a Cardio Workout Schedule.  Most bootcamps have a mix of many different forms of exercise that will lead to muscular growth, weight loss and cardiovascular endurance, but what do you do on the off days?  Off days is a great opportunity for bootcamp members to burn some extra calories by doing a moderate intensity cardiovascular workout.  This can consist of cardiovascular machines like Elliptical trainers, treadmills, stair climber/stair steppers, or just jogging, walking, aerobics classes, and spin class.  By adding the extra cardio on off days, overall weight management increases and those that are trying to lose weight will maximize their efforts by doing this.  Everyone should strive to be active everyday, burning a few hundred extra calories each day can have huge benefits towards maximizing weight loss.


Creating Nutritional Staples is one of the most important nutritional habits to develop.  A nutritional staple is a snack or meal that is consistent either everyday or weekly.  An example of a nutritional staple would be eating a serving of whole grain oatmeal each morning with chopped fruit.  This is a healthy staple that is great in two ways, it will help a person to eat breakfast each day and the meal is healthy whole grain and filled with all natural fruit.  Staples are important because it sets meals in place; it doesn’t require much thought and the staples become healthy habits that will lead to weight loss, increased energy and success.  Each day you should eat 5-7 small meals and snacks.  It gets overwhelming to try and design a daily healthy menu for 5-7 meal/snacks.  Nutritional Staples make daily nutritional planning easy by filling the daily menu with healthy nutritious meals and snacks that are already predetermined.  Develop healthy staples for breakfast, lunch and a couple of snacks and you only have to decide what’s for dinner.  Nutritional Staples lead you straight towards success.  -Click here to learn how simple it is to imbed healthy staples in your daily nutrition plan- 

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